Caribbean Sayings - Doh Jackass De Scene Distressed Dad Hat

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Jackass the Scene. Used when citizens disregard laws and regulations by making a situation worst for personal gratification. Usually done before or after impending enactment and enforcement of regulations. - KCRtt. Translation - Intentionally ignoring all rules, logic and common sense to worsen a situation. I told Roger wear a mask and follow protocol when outside, but he jackass de scene and now the whole country under lock-down again.

This dad hat has a slightly distressed brim and crown fabric. One size fits most.

This item is stocked in the USA, Europe and Australia and ships to locations worldwide

• 100% pre-shrunk cotton twill
• Soft crown
• 6 sewn eyelets
• 6 stitched rows on the brim
• 6-panel unstructured cap with a low profile
• Seamed front panel without buckram
• Adjustable hook and loop closure

Size Guide

Measure your head circumference with a non-stretchable measuring tape. Place the end of your  tape on your forehead and wrap the rest around the back of your head, keeping it 1" (2.5 cm) above your ears. Pinch the spot where the tape meets the other end, lift the loop over your head, and note the measurement. Be as careful as possible to get the most precise measurement.

A (inches) 19-22
B (inches) 5
C (inches) 7
D (inches) 7 ¾
A (cm) 48-56
B (cm) 13
C (cm) 18
D (cm) 20

Tings Granny Say

Caribbean Sayings & Slangs you've heard all your life. We tend to take a lot of the slangs we grew up hearing our parents and grandparents saying for granted, and as such, we at Trini Jungle Juice wanted to give life to some of our favourite Caribbean sayings and their meaning. We bet you can hear your grandmother voice in your head right now!