Traditional Mas Characters - Jab Molassie Unisex Tank Top

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Our classic, all-purpose unisex tank top with traditional carnival character, Jab Molassie.

• 100% combed and ringspun cotton
• Tri-blends are 50% polyester/25% combed/25% ringspun cotton/rayon
• Side-seamed, unisex sizing
• Sizes - XS-2XL

Traditional Mas Characters - Jab Molassie

There are several quite different varieties of Devils in the Carnival.  They are nearly always called "Jabs". Jab is the French patois for "Diable" (Devil), and Molassie is the French patois for "Mélasse" (Molasses).

The Jab Molassie or Molasses Devil is one of the oldest forms of Devil Mas. He wears wings, horns, has a wire tail and carries a pitch fork and usually strikes fear in the hearts of both young and old.

He was usually covered in a sticky black substance, which was in the old days, molasses. Its origins date back to days of the sugar estates, when freed slaves, who formerly toiled on the sugar estates, daubed themselves with the familiar and readily available molasses (a direct by-product of sugar cane) as a means of disguising themselves and playing a cheap mas. Today, the Jab Molassie has evolved to include blue devils, red, green, white, yellow and even Jabs covered in mud, and chocolate syrup.

Some of the Jab Molassies have a rope or chain tied around their waists, which another Jab Molassie holds in an effort to restrain them as they jump around wildly. The Jab Molassie is accompanied by the beating of biscuit or pitch oil pans. They also carry a whistle used to dramatise their movements.  They will throw themselves to the ground and run around trying to intimidate and frighten people in the hopes of getting paid a dollar or two.

To avoid contact with him, many bystanders are willing to "Pay the Devil".

-National Carnival Commission of Trinidad and Tobago

Size Guide

Body Length (inches) 26 27 28 29 30 31
Body Width (inches) 16 ¼ 18 ¼ 20 ¼ 22 ¼ 24 ¼ 26 ¼
Body Length (cm) 66 69 71 74 76 79
Body Width (cm) 41 46 51 57 62 67

Traditional Mas Characters

Carnival is one of the most unifying events and creative extravaganzas. It is an expression of culture that encapsulates music, dance, colorful costumes, pageantry, and performance in a highly spirited festival of energy for many countries. The Traditional Mas Characters became overshadowed by more modern, 'bikini and bead' costumes throughout the years. Fortunately, many people still love to play classic characters (mas) on the streets during carnival, preserving traditions and heritage.

Collection conceptualized by Trini Jungle Juice and art Made in Paris by Trinbagonian artist Neishel.

TJJ x Neishel

Art Made in Paris by Trinbagonian artist Neishel.